Each run of pins is individually inspected for defects and sorted accordingly into two categories: Standard and Seconds. Due to the handmade nature of pins, and the filling and polishing process, no pin will ever be truly "flawless" but they are all guaranteed to be truly cute!

Standard Grade

  • Standard grade pins may have minor imperfections upon close-up inspection
  • Examples of these imperfections include slightly low enamel fill, tiny flecks of dust or air in the enamel, minor scuffs on side plating, or very minor scuffs and discoloration on the metal or enamel filling

Seconds Grade

  • Seconds pins have obvious imperfections and flaws and are always sold at a discounted rate
  • These pins might not be for you if you are a perfectionist, but they are still very wearable and cute! Perfect if you're looking to fill a board or jacket quickly and save money along the way.
  • These pins may have unfilled enamel areas, overfilled enamel, scratches in the metal or enamel, noticeable discoloration, major scuffs on side plating, heavy discoloration or oxidization of metal, or loose pin backs